The UK has been recognized as one of the biggest tea consumers in the world for centuries. The British empire adopted their love for tea from their expeditions in East Asia and spread it to other countries like India.

It used to be enjoyed exclusively by the royals, especially Queen Catherine of Braganza, who brought her love for the beverage to the English court after marrying Charles 11. But the tea consumption only reached the British masses in the 19th century, when people from all walks of life could enjoy their afternoon teas at home.

While tea became the quintessential drink of choice in the UK, its coffee culture is slowly getting a steady rise. Recent surveys revealed that the British currently consume 95 million cups of coffee every day.

The cafe culture on the high street is also thriving, with 80% of people who frequents coffee shops get their favourite brews at least once a week. In-home coffee consumption is also on the rise, especially for people 65 years old and above. It led to the emergence of a reusable coffee cup in the UK, especially for those concerned about the environment.

If you are one of the coffee drinkers who want to use a reusable coffee cup for your regular coffee consumption, you must ensure that you will invest in a cup that may last for a long time. Check out these features to make sure that you will get your money’s worth with each cup.

  • Spill-Proof Enclosure

One of the hassles of coffee on the go is the coffee stains that could appear in your outfit as you take your cup from one place to another. It is also annoying when the lid falls off while driving on the road.

So if you wish to buy a reusable coffee cup in the UK, always look for the ones that come with a reusable lid. Some of the most critical features that you must look for include the double-layered rubber-made seals that provide a secure enclosure between the cup and the lid.

  • Shatterproof and Lightweight 

Since you want to take your coffee cup with you anywhere you go, you must look for a coffee cup that is handy and light. It should also be unbreakable, especially if you tend to drop items all the time. Ensure that you avoid picking a coffee cup made from the glass if you want it to last.

  • Maintains Temperature 

When making coffee, temperature, and insulation are very important to give you the best cup possible. If you love to drink your coffee slowly, you should look for a double-walled coffee cup to keep your hot coffee longer compared to single-walled cups. It will also help keep cold beverages cold for a long time. Ceramic coffee cups are perfect if you are after this feature.

  • Retain Flavor 

Some cups add a hint of metallic taste to the coffee, while others absorb the drink’s flavours or smells. There are also times when the coffee odour lingers despite regular washing of the cup. The residue may make the coffee taste different or weird at times. If you want a cup that does not absorb or provide unnecessary flavour, you may consider glass or ceramic coffee cups.

Finding the right coffee cup is essential if you want to enjoy your favourite drink anytime and anywhere. By considering these tips, you will have fun with your drink without the need to dispose of the cup afterwards.

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