How to let go of the past? – It is a question that most of us ask ourselves whenever we are in pain. Holding on to the past doesn’t fix anything. You need to accept whatever you are holding on to and then let it go. We shouldn’t hold stress in our minds and bodies as it potentially creates serious mental and physical health issues.

Learn to let go and feel peaceful. Start living a life full of happiness and freedom by learning how to let go of your past. Following are the 12 powerful tips from this website that will help you with this:

1. Counter Your Painful Thoughts

The way you talk to yourself can either help you progress or keep you in the same situation. Create positive mantras that can help you deal with the painful situation, relieve stress, and increase self-love.

2. Maintain Physical Distance

When you experience the pain or hurt, it is better to distance yourself from the person or situation that made you upset. When you create physical or mental distance between yourself and the person or situation, letting go gets easier as you are thinking about it less.

3. Focus on Yourself

Acknowledge the thoughts of the past and allow them to flow away from your mind. Focus on yourself. Start feeding yourself empowering stories, spending time with people who make you feel better, focus on things that you are grateful for, and condition your mind every single day.

4. Become Mindful

Be mindful of your thoughts and focus on the present moment at hand instead of the past or future. When you concentrate on the present time, you have less time to think about past events. This way, our past will have less control over us and we can respond to things in our life the way we want.

5. Don’t Be Harsh on Yourself

If you are criticizing yourself for any painful experience, it’s time to be gentle with yourself. Show yourself some kindness and compassion, treat yourself the way you would treat a friend, and stop making comparisons between you and others.

6. Let Out the Negative Emotions

Loss is hard to experience and it is completely okay to allow yourself to be sad. Trying to ignore or shut the negative emotions out can disturb the healing process and extend your suffering. So, allow yourself to feel all those emotions and go through the process so that you can move forward.

7. Don’t Wait for The Apology

Sometimes, people don’t apologize for what they did. And you don’t need their apology to move forward. Waiting for somebody to apologize will only stall the process of letting go. So, it is important to focus on your healing and accept the fact that the person who has hurt you won’t apologize.

8. Practice Self-care

Immersing yourself in what interests you is a surefire method to let go of a painful situation. When you practice self-care, you start setting boundaries, saying no, and doing the stuff that drives you. This will make you feel more empowered and you will have no choice but to be happy.

9. Surround Yourself with Positive People

You cannot get over your past in a flash. Spending time with people who fill you up makes you focus on the present. When you surround yourself with people you love, you’ll realize that the past is not worth holding onto as there are loads of joyous memories to make.

10. Express Your Feelings

When you are experiencing some pain or hurt, it is important to let yourself talk about it. Talk to someone you trust about your problem to get over it. It might be difficult to bring it up, but it will be worth it.

11. Learn Forgiveness

Unwillingness to forgive will prevent you from letting go of your past and moving forward with your life. Know that it’s time to forgive yourself or anybody who caused the pain. You are not doing it for the other person, but for yourself as forgiveness is crucial to the healing process.

12. Get Professional Help

If you are having difficulty letting go of a painful experience, consider seeing an experienced professional. At times, it gets hard implementing these tips on your own and you need an expert to help you guide through this process.

Always remember that life is full of difficulties and regrets, but moving forward is the only and best way to get over them. Focus your attention on the present and learn to embrace it. Look forward to what the future may have for you.

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