Life with glasses is not an easy one. 

If you wear glasses, the struggles of putting up with them are endless. You know what I am talking about – sweaty workouts and hot soup food problems. 

I tried shifting to contact lenses but it was close to rocket science so I dropped out. And tbh, I kind of missed wearing my favourite frames and the fun touch they add to my personality. Now I am back to glasses again and I have found some useful hacks that I like to share with you guys. I hope they make your life easier as they made mine.

#1 Your glasses will stay put

Your glasses will stay put

To me, nothing is more annoying than glasses sliding down my nose. But I have a solution. You guys might find it odd, but I just dab a little bit of eye primer on the bridge of my nose. It kind of creates a sticky base that gives my glasses that extra grip. 

If you don’t have a primer, no worries, steal your girlfriend’s. Trust me, this discovery is worth the hype. 

#2 Scratch-free lenses all time

Scratch-free lenses all time

Wearing glasses day-in, day-out will leave scratches on the lenses. Even the most careful person will face this problem.

If you notice scratches on the lenses, you don’t have to run to an optical store to get new ones. All you need is a little toothpaste. Rub a small amount of toothpaste over the lens surface, wipe with a microfiber cloth and watch the scratches disappear. 

#3 Replace the nose pads

So the nose pads fell off and now your glasses are misaligned and uncomfortable? Here’s a clever tip – take a hot glue gun stick, cut out a small piece and attach it to the frame as nose pads. See, it’s such a time and money-saving tip.

#4 Crooked frame – No more!

Crooked frame - No more

This is a common problem with old glasses. Put your frame on a flat surface and see if one side is slightly lifted. If it is, you can adjust it by putting a little pressure on the frame. 

If you have a titanium frame, consider yourself lucky. The material is bendy so you don’t have to use muscles. But if you have acetate or wooden glasses you might need to give a little heat to make it more malleable.

#5 Make workout and glasses work together

Sweat and lenses don’t agree with one another. When you are at the gym and you have a fitness goal, it’s hard to stay focused when your glasses are constantly sliding down your face.

Apply a little Nerdwax on the nose pads and carry on with mountain climbers, planks or whatever you were up to. 

#6 No more fog up lenses

No more fog up lenses

As if warm weather and hot foods were not enough to fog our lenses, wearing face coverings has made the problem even worse. 

While you can avoid hot food when you have glasses on, you certainly can’t avoid breathing. The warm breaths coming out from the gaps of your face mask fog up the lenses and leave us almost blind.

But thanks to the internet, I have a quick fix for this. Wash the lenses with a liquid detergent and the soap will prevent the lenses from fogging up throughout the day. 

#7 Use your phone’s camera (not for a selfie)

This hack works, especially if you are nearsighted. The tiny window in your phone called a camera will give a clear view of your surroundings. 

So the next time you look for your glasses, try this hack. I am sure you’ll be thanking me later or the guy named Bijan Stephen who gave this tip via a tweet. 

#8 Modify your headphones 

Modify your headphones

Using headphones while wearing glasses is straight-up uncomfortable and painful. But, this can be taken care of. Just stuff something sponge-like inside your headphones where they meet the arms of your glasses. 

This tip is for gamers who can’t use their gaming glasses and over-ear headphones together. Now you can!

#9 Use a luminous tape

I don’t need to tell you about the struggles of finding glasses at night. Have you tried using luminous tape? Do it! Add a little strip of luminous tape to your glasses case. You won’t have any trouble finding your glasses at night. 

#10 DIY lens cleaner

DIY lens cleaner

Don’t want to invest in expensive lens cleaning fluids? Me neither. This is why I make it at home. Take a spritz bottle and pour three parts rubbing alcohol, one part water and 2-3 drops of dish soap. 

Swirl the mixture, spray it on your lenses and clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Y’all probably already knew this. But it’s such an exciting discovery that I can’t help but share.

There it is. Now you know how to live a better and hassle-free life with glasses. Do you have any other useful tips? Share them in the comment section below. 

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