For many individuals, having their own garden, especially with limited spaces, can be challenging. People living in highly urbanised cities find it difficult to have enough area for their plants to grow.

If you wish to have a garden, consider creating a Vertical Garden. It does not require huge spaces, plus you get to enjoy many benefits of having a living wall garden in your own home.

Having your vertical garden adds value and beauty to the interiors of your home. It does not only save space but is also sustainable, especially if you live in the city. Here are ten benefits you can obtain when creating your living garden wall.

10 Benefits of Having Your Own Vertical Garden

1. Purifies Air

Plants can help clean the air.  A vertical garden installed in your home or office building creates a healthy environment by eliminating harmful volatile organic compounds. It also converts them into useful components that plants can use for food.

Aside from purifying the air, plants can help eliminate air pollutants and reduce dust. It can absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen.

2. Reduce Heat

Highly urbanised cities or metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than in rural areas. It is due to human activities that cause pollution. By creating your Vertical Garden, the plants can help reduce heat and smog.

3. Reduce Noise

Plants grown in your vertical garden does not only reduce heat, but it also acts as a natural soundproof barrier. It helps reduce noise as the plants absorb high-frequency sounds, making the environment much quieter.

4. Reduces Stress

Individuals that are surrounded by a green environment have a positive impact on their well-being. It stimulates relaxation, thus reducing stress. It also helps people become more productive as compared to individuals who do not have easy access to plants or vegetation.

5. Increases Biodiversity

Birds and insects are naturally drawn to plants. The vertical garden provides biodiversity as it creates natural habitats for them. In metropolitan areas, birds experience loss of biodiversity due to pollution caused by human activities. The living wall garden helps sustain different plants that attract these insects.

6. Grow Your Food

Growing your food provides many benefits. A Vertical Garden can be used to plant herbs or vegetables. Having your garden ensures that your food is not exposed to pesticides and other harmful toxins. You can assure that your vegetation is organic and healthy.

7. Increase Visual Appeal

People are naturally drawn to plants. If you have a vertical garden, it adds beauty and increases the visual appeal for your home or office. It can convert your space into a relaxing area where you can re-energise.

8. Recycle Your Waste

Creating your vertical garden does not mean that you spend a lot of money to build a structure for your plants. You can use plastic containers, cans, baskets, and other recyclable materials to plant your herbs, flowers, or vegetables. By reusing your waste, you are helping promote a healthy environment within your area.

9. Provides Privacy

Individuals living in big cities do not have the luxury of installing their security fences. Instead, they can create a Vertical Garden that can provide privacy as it hides your house from outsiders.

10 Provides Shade

A living wall garden can provide your home or office natural shade from sunlight. Thus, it is not necessary to shield your place with curtains or blinds.

There are a lot more reasons to have a walled garden in your area. If you think that these ten benefits are inspiring you to build one for your home, you can start now and garden vertically.


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